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About Bojanala Expeditions

Bojanala Expeditions is an Incorporated Company in the Republic of Botswana. It began operating in 2009 with the vision of helping with the environmental education in schools and communities living around the wildlife areas. The Botswana spirit will capture you and lure you back time and time again. A true wilderness untamed and unspoilt. The primary focus of Bojanala Expeditions is to capture the rare animal behavior never seen before by human eye. We organize filming permits and supplementary permits from Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism, as well as Department of Wildlife and National Parks. We specialize in offering safari under canvas and filming expeditions for individuals, private and broadcasting companies in Botswana National Parks and Private concessions. Conservation is our tradition.

In the year 2010 a school documentary, as part of adventure education was shot with Mabele Primary School (Chobe Enclave East) with the help from Botswana Environmental Wildlife Clubs, Chobe region. In 2013 Predators Paradise was filmed at Savuti (Chobe National Park), a pride of 13 lions versus 11 hyenas over the elephant kill. A flock of vultures taking over the 3 male lions kill. Predators Paradise has won the following international awards.

Award of Merit, World Film Awards 2014-Indonesia

Gold Award, International Movie Awards 2014-Indonesia

Award of Merit, International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration & Equality 2014-Indonesia

Honorable Mention, International Film Festival for Environment, Health & Culture 2014-Indonesia

Gold Award, Filmmakers of the Year Film Festival 2014-Indonesia

PLATINUM AWARD, International Film & photography Festival 2014-Indonesia

Award of Merit, International Film Festival for Documentary, short & Comedy 2014- Indonesia

Gold Award, Documentary & Short International. Movie Award 2014-Indonesia

Award of Merit (General Category), International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion & Visionary 2014- Indonesia

Certificate of Excellence, Indian Cine Film Festival 2014 India

Haile’s Gerima Workshop, Luxor Africa Film Festival 2014- Egypt

American Online Film Festival,(AOFA), Official Selection 2013- USA.

Official Selection, The Village Doc Film Festival 2014 Milano Italy

Official Selection, Bolgatty Film Festival 2014- Kerala India

Official Selection, Festival International de Cortomotrajes 2014- Fenaco Peru

Official Selection,Short Films. Africa International Film Festival 2014 Nigeria

Official Selection, Sudan Independent Film Festival 2015 Sudan

Official Selection, Nouak Short Film Festival 2014, Mauritania

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